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Name that Pornstar, I’ll help saying that she’s very popular on Live Porn Shows!

It really isn’t that hard, considering that she is one of the most famous Pornstars worldwide today, I can tell you that she is from the wonderful nation of Brazil, I can tell you that she has received several awards in the past two years, and tell you that she performs on one specific website where they do live porn, that website would be CherryPimps.com. I given you enough clues and now it is up to you to post in the comments you think this famous porn model actually is.


And because you’re talking about this specific websites that offers a very unique product, I would like to reach out to all website owners, those so-called webmasters. The website that we mentioned above also has an Affiliate Program and I have been using this for the past six months with outstanding results, to the point where I am making more money on this single adult pay site program that all the other programs that I am using combined, if you don’t believe me I can send you proof of statistics via email at any time you wish.

Last but not least, one on our fans had just come out with his first ever Free Porn Videos website and he kindly asked us to post about it.

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How dirty do you like porn videos to be?…

erotic pornstars 1

erotic pornstars

That is a common question that editors and film producers always want to hear from men and women watch regularly porn videos or even those Live Pornstars shows that are becoming so popular now and can be seen on one specific network or better still one specific website called CherryPimps.com.

I for instance like rough porn, I do like when the girl gets slammed around, I do it with my girlfriend very often and it seemed that she likes it and doesn’t complain if I slapped her on her boobs and ass cheeks. I really won’t go into details, because I know that she is one of my followers and read most of my articles as well LOL.

From what I can see from latest surveys and statistics anal sex is actually extremely popular, double penetration is also in the top 10, not so popular anymore is fisting, went back at the turn of the millennium it was something really hot in the online pornographic world.

So, what is it that you like, how dirty do you get when you have sex or when you want to watch a porn video online or even on demand on those sexy TV channels that we all have but we all deny that we do LOL.

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This world of porn and how it evolved thanks to the web

If you think that this blog has been around for nearly a decade, most of us don’t even have cars that are that old. And during the past two years I have been posting from time to time on this blog as well. We have spoken about Pornstars and live porn videos, we have mentioned basically every very interesting pornographic websites that I have encountered on the World Wide Web in the past 24 months. I can actually bragged about the fact that at least 90% of the websites that were still unknown to the majority of web surfers are now today extremely important and very popular pornographic websites.

erotic pornstars

So why don’t we mention another two websites that you have to meet the general public, in other words they are fairly new and therefore not very popular time. The first would be this Amateur Girl Pins archive that is free therefore no cost to you, what they offer our daily photographs of naked amateur chicks that have no idea that posting that photographs on social media that they will end up on this website, and the girl do not know or even want their photographs to be on this website all literally in the tens of thousands.

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The thing that got me so pissed off today was…

That they would be that the server administrators have lost at least four blog posts or articles on each and every single one of the blog that I write on that belong to this network and therefore we’re talking about hundreds of blog posts that have been lost forever. The reason is, they moved out of logs to a new and more reliable service, however they forgot to do the necessary backup and because of such action that never took place we lost four months of data on each and every single one of our blogs, and therefore all those articles posted about things like Hot Pornstars fucking live on WebCam where all loss, all videos, all the images and of course all the articles and links that lead to those specific websites.

hot pornstars live

but as you can see I have one to the most important websites that we mentioned in the past right here in these two paragraphs of words, therefore you can visit the website, the only website, the one and only network that provides the Hottest Pornstars doing it live on WebCam.

Even if many of you have already became a member, and pretty much sure that most of you that have visited the website already are members, and 4 million people have already in this past year.

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I have a lot to put on the plate today

It’s something that I have previously put on the plate, it is something that I would like to go back and talk about once again simply because they have improved something that I thought could have never been improved because it was actually perfect, the time I said without doubt that this was the best porn website ever, not the best Hot Pornstars fucking live on WebCam website, but the best porn website overall. Well they actually made it better and they keeping the price the same and they have The price the same for the past year and a half and they told me that they are not going to raise the price at all.

So don’t waste your time rush to this Live Webcam Porn website, I don’t care if your girlfriend or your wife can see what you’re doing, I think they actually might like it as well, have you any idea how many couples sit down and watch these live porn videos? Try out with your wife you never know, I’m going to introduce it to my girlfriend sooner or later.

Or something that is not pornographic, it is actually nothing related to the adult entertainment business, however it something that is full of gossip I know everybody loves to chat and talk bad about other people write? LOL, it also has a bunch of funny news and the best thing of all it is updated by the hour so therefore if you’re looking for something to read on your lunch break be my guest and check out MOAR LOL

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Amanda Tate Takes the Cum Fiesta Challenge

Amanda Tate is a smoking hot pornstar out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an American girl with a soft juicy rack and a true talent for taking it deep. Working with Reality Kings, the 5’8″ blonde agrees to do a XXX shoot for their Cum Fiesta videos and these images are a peek at the raunchy perfection that resulted. She flashes her tits and you get to see how soft and natural they are. She smiles and walks into the house where she strips naked and starts to masturbate. Soon there is an extra set of hands lending fingers to help her. Then it is on to the cock riding which is masterful!


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I was at first intimidated by these pornstars and their live porn shows

I ensure you that this is not fantasy land, I ensure you that what they offer in Live Porn show format is actually something absolutely different, is something that you have never seen before, it is something spectacular to say the least. These are real live porn video starring professionals, starring women that do this for a living and therefore pornstars and that makes this the only network of websites that offers this service, but don’t fear the service is not expensive, it is actually cheaper than what it would cost you to watch the nobodies on other networks or websites.

live porn shows

You will have the chance to interact with these Hot Pornstars while the fuck live on cam, it’s a matter of fact that there is an internal chat service, where you can type something in and in most cases the models will reply, also you will be able to see each and every live show in digital video and audio, and like I have already mentioned it will cost you at least one third less than what the traditional live porn cam websites have been charging you up-to-date.

When you sign up, when you become a member, when you start enjoying the live porn you will also have access to at least another 13 different websites and one of which is this Pornstar Solos website that has thousands of videos of pornstars toying, masturbating and having multiple orgasms.

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Stacey Foxxx Big Titties and Fun Fuck

Stacey Foxxx is a Hawaiian born pornstar who loves to let those 34DD natural titties sway free at every opportunity. You are going to love watching her do exactly that for this explicit Reality Kings set. She shows up meaning business and when told to just do what comes naturally, her immediate instinct is to dive for dick. A pro at fishing for fucks, Stacey has that cock hard and aching for her in an instant. Her mouth definitely knows how to work a meat pole. Then it is on to intercourse where her ass is up as her pussy is slammed. So hot!


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Enjoy pornstars fucking live on cam

That’s what I have been doing for several months, and I have been doing so paying less than a dollar a day to enjoy these famous pornstars Live Fucking on WebCam. Don’t get me wrong these shows are actually high end quality, they are the very best that the web has to offer, not only because they are featuring famous adult models, all the girls you have seen before on porn videos around the web or on DVD or even on demand TV, but they also give you this service in digital high definition video and audio, and of course like I said for less than a dollar a day to give you all this, so putting this package altogether this is something absolutely exhilarating and something that the web has never seen before or has ever been offered with this quality and price.

asa_akira_asian_porn_cherrypimps-pornstars webcam

So what you really get our Pornstars Live, fucking live, interacting live with you, you can actually chat to them before during or after that they have had sex, it’s another feature that other places won’t offer you or simply can’t offer you, this is a feature that is making it even more rich, is making this live web cam porn stuff even more exciting to watch.

Then if you are a webmaster even better, if you own websites and you would like to make a good revenue out of them, if you would like also to offer your visitors something very exciting, then maybe you should take in consideration posting a few banners of this Webmaster Paysites Affiliate Program.

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Roxanne Rae Takes a Load to The Face

Roxanne Rae has multiple orgasms in this scene, but her lover only gets one so they make sure it is big and the cum gets sprayed on her cute face! See the spunky brunette show up at the door, flashing her tits at the camera as she walks in. She strips out of her clothes, playing with her thong panties to tease you with views of her bubble butt and excellent tight pussy. She is smiling and enthusiastic about all of it, but it is the dick that she wants to do most. She gets her wish! Soon, that skinny body of hers is being pumped fiercely and she delights in it all. Watch the scene inside Reality Kings!


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